On February 6th 2017 Pacific Pearls joined with Sharon Thornburn to light the Global Hope Torch at Waitangi Te Tii, which herald the beginning of her global journey around the world.

“Kotuku is not like other choirs; it is unique – it is a Choir of HOPE.  When the choir sings, it brings hope and peace to your heart and there is also a greater purpose to this choir – the words of the songs reach out to those going through depression, loss in family, or someone who needs encouragement.”

Sharon is the Founder of Kotuku Legacy Music Academy and Kotuku Choir. She is an award-winning composer and music teacher with a difference.  Sharon gave up a successful career in education to found the Kotuku Choir, a charity that mentors children from brokenness to wholeness through music and the performing arts.  Sharon has international connections that’s seen her receive a Winston Churchill Fellowship, and most recently, a QSM.   Sharon was the founder of the walk and the composer of the Hope Song.
Founding vision.  To grow New Zealand children into confident young leaders, young ambassadors, regardless of their backgrounds, able to collectively and uniquely represent the peoples of Aotearoa through the performing arts, able to embrace and celebrate New Zealand’s rich diversity of culture, able to give back to the nation who has raised them.
Was it easy, this journey of establishing Kotuku? Can you put a diverse mix of children, youth and families together and expect that they will rise beyond prejudice to accept, respect, cooperate and learn from each other? Can you reach the child among them whose only certainty is that the world is not a safe place? Can this child even find the courage to feel, to express that feeling and to allow their own voice to be heard, let alone manage to sing with others in unity?

You can follow Sharon’s amazing journey with the Global HOPE TORCH here: http://www.findsharon.com.