Our Journey

Pacific Pearls is a GOD MOVEMENT on a Hikoi (journey) inspired of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Christ is calling HIS BRIDE and awakening our NATION.   And we are humbly the Kaitiaki (Guardian) of that Pacific MOVEMENT  (2Chron 7:14).  2017 has seen acceleration with God lighting fires all over New Zealand.  We have seen multitudes of people, healed, delivered, and set free.   We are seeing “dry bones come alive” as the Father reconciles our nation back to HIM.

The Bridegroom is coming!   The Wind of God’s Spirit is blowing embers of revival across our land.  There is a mighty sound, rising up from the ends of the earth.  That sound is an indigenous sound that is being prophetically released.   Countless Christians all over NZ and the world, have had visions and dreams of a Holy Spirit Tsunami being released.  Pacific Pearls is on that mighty wave, and in 2016 and 2017, we have been seeing this wave drawing back… GET READY!    That wave is rising and its coming quickly.  There is a quickening in the Spirit.  Playtime is over in the Kingdom.  The Bridegroom is calling His Bride in preparation, and in anticipation of HIS Coming.

“Listen to the sound of the people coming back, praises in their hearts instead of heaviness, listen to the warriors are full of hope, strength and humility for they choose to walk in the Light, Walk in the Light”…  (this is a prophetic song for this hour).

We are on this hikoi… Until further notice…

Our Mission

To create an environment where God’s Presence is manifested through Prophetic Worship, Prophetic Teaching of His Word and Holy Spirit activation through Spiritual Gifts.   To embrace the Body of Christ, so that every one of us is valuable, and functioning as a whole.

Our Vision

To establish Pacific Pearls Nationally and Internationally with each region equipping, empowering, imparting and releasing people into the fullness of their calling in Christ through Body ministry.

Line of Accountability

Pacific Pearls has a clear line of accountability for those wishing to take up the Regional Co-ordinators role in their area. Nurturing a kingdom culture of accountability, order, and responsibility is a given expectation.  (Colossians 3:23-24).

The Hikoi…

Our National Ladership team oversees, and provides national support, spiritual direction, mentoring, prayer cover, and essentially ensure the essence and integrity of the Pacific Pearls kaupapa (purpose) is upheld.

Walking along side Pearls, we have our “Te Roopu Kaumatua o Pacific Pearls” who provides spiritual accountability and oversight for the organisation katoa.

Our National Director, Ps Stephanie Harawira oversees the National rollout for all regions and happy to assist you.

Regional Co-ordinators work their Pearls planning directly with the National Director who will put you into your own Regional Drop box and into the Regional Co-ordinators FB Group. We value all feedback and look forward to serving alongside you as we advance God’s kingdom here on earth