The Birthing of Pearls…

In 2013

Upon returning from Elthim to Auckland, Stephanie Harawira and Jenny Matheson stepped out in faith and created Te Hau Wairua Ministries (The Wind of the Spirit) believing and activating on the prophetic words given that weekend.

In 2014

Jenny Matheson was sensing God was wanting us to step out on those prophetic words and start women’s prophetic ministry.  We felt God was wanting to:

1.    Raise up Maori

2.    Raise up Women

3.    Raise up the Apostolic and Prophetic and

4.    That God was wanting to release the Bride through the releasing and equipping of God’s people through the activation of spiritual gifts.

The Name

The name “Pacific Pearls”  was first spoken about in 2009.  It originated from a beautiful friend, Sci Vehikite who had a vision for women’s ministry.   in 2014 Jenny was sensing God was wanting to move within Maori, and in the PACIFIC, so Jenny rang Sci, shared what we felt God was wanting to do and Sci released the name, however, not to take away from Sci, Jenny used the name “Pearls of the Pacific”  and we stepped out and  began our Maori  prophetic women’s ministry. “He Kakano Ahau”  I am a Seed”.

For 12 mths Pearls held meetings in West Auckland, which saw many women being touched, released, healed and  set free.   It was in these humble beginnings, we learnt how to be diligent in the small things, while waiting patiently, praying, declaring and believing God to open the door to move into the nation (we had countless prophetic words of the Maori nation call and what God was wanting to do through Maori – too many to list).

In 2015

True to HIS Word – Pearls exploded into the nation and grew very quickly – Our first release from West Auckland to Rotorua, then Hastings, then Wellington, Waitara, Taihape, Marton, Tauranga.  It happened very very quickly.  It was in Hastings, that the name “Pacific Pearls” was resurrected.  It was here at this conference, I really felt God was wanting to realign the name “Pearls of the Pacific” back to “Pacific Pearls”.  The Hastings regional host of Hastings agreed, and also agreed in making it with the wellington maid service to allow us to use the logo (Gold shell), and the banners for the ministry.  So in 2015 Pearls of the Pacific, had a Holy Spirit realignment back to God’s original intended name Pacific Pearls.  God’s fingerprint was on the Pacific and upon our nation.  

He watches over HIS  Word to perform it.  Jeremiah 1:12.

In 2016  

We quickly learnt to be flexible,  prayerful, and alert, sensing the urgency of the prophetic hour and season our nation was in.  We have learnt to:

1.    Wait      Isaiah 40:31

2.    Trust     Proverbs 3:16

3.    Listen   John 16:13

4.    Watch   1Peter 1:13 Mark 13:32-33.


In 2017  

In January 2017 Jenny Matheson (Co-Founder) was sensing God was wanting her to pick up her mantle and her prophetic call and step out into her ministry and  “Ignite Prophetic Ministries” was birthed.  It was from here we watched the birthing, and releasing of people into their call. It is a season of God re-aligning, and strategically releasing HIS BRIDE into the Nation.   Pacific Pearls is “Empower, Equip, Impart, Release”.

Preparation for Acceleration

2016 – 2017 has been just that.  We have watched God ‘realigning and repositioning’ people, very quickly.  Hence, Pearls have a ‘subject to change’ culture.  We learnt not to box in the Holy Spirit and settle for the status quo, but be fully committed to allowing God to grow this ministry and His people – HIS WAY!     God needed to de-programme us, break mind-sets, and humble us.   “PREPARATION FOR THE ACCELERATION”.

With Pearls growing so fast, we needed to establish a Kingdom order.   A “National MOVEMENT – MOVES”, and as such, we needed sound governance and clear lines of communication and accountability.   

Our Pearls website has been our way to correctly and clearly communicate “who Pearls are,  what we are about, what God is doing in our midst, and why we do what we do”.  

We have streamlined our logistics with all Regional Co-ordinator’s having Roles and Responsibilities, Pearls Handbooks and national templates.

We keep everything simple so as not to incumber this powerful move of God.

Its not every day, you see a Christian Maori Movement rise up out of nowhere, and all of a sudden, start to move around the country on a HIKOI for the LORD!

As unto the Lord -. Colossians 3:23.  (with some grace in our space too).

Our hearts are fixed on Jesus.  The Author and Finisher of our faith.  He’s calling Maori, and we are heeding that call.  

Pacific Pearls embraces all people of all races – men, women and child.  You are free to join us along this journey.  We are on an assignment of the Lord and humbly the Kaitiaki (guardians) of this Pacific Holy Spirit Movement.