Subject to Change

Pacific Pearls incorporates a “Subject to Change” culture. That means – as the Holy Spirit leads, your Region and your Teams must be able to extend grace and allow your programme to be open to change as the HOLY GHOST leads and guides over the course of the conference.

Pearls are not locked into a specific time, speaker, programme, or worship!   We are here to encounter the HOLY SPIRIT and it’s all about HIM and if He chooses to change the programme, we want to be open to that!

Please ensure your Speakers, your Worship Team and your ministry teams are all advised “Subject to Change”.   Change can happen at any time, and in any part of the programme. If your worship team and your speakers understand this, it will help them to not take offense, but to trust the direction of the National team and the Holy Spirit.

An Example may be:

“when the national team, stop the worship and change direction” or if a speaker is allotted 30 mins and we shift it to 15mins or a speaker may come prepared to speak on one subject, but the Holy Spirit is taking it in another direction and being able to shift into that direction.

Change can be unsettling for some people and may rattle a few religious spirits and programmed thinking, but we let everyone know that there is “GRACE in our SPACE”, so when we need to shift and change the lead of the Pearls programme, regions can extend grace to allow that to happen.