Pearls is located all around New Zealand (and growing) with our Head Office based in Auckland.  Amongst our regional ranks we have the five fold ministry – of Pastors, Prophets, Apostles. countless evangelists, countless teachers (some well established, some up and coming).  Every one, at different levels, some older in the faith, some just babies.      

Regions stand in their own Mana and Authority, and for most, in their own Ministries.We are a nationwide collective of churches and ministries.We are the body of Christ working as a whole, each bring ourpart to the big Kingdom puzzle for Jesus.He is our Leader.Pearl’s role is to “Empower, Equip, Impart and RELEASE!”  and with that we are seeing ministries being birthed, the call of God being released and the Bride arising!

How many regions in Pearls? – ONE  How many people in Pearls? – ONE!  We are ONE!  Our aim is “every one valuable and functioning as a whole”

Pearls is a revolving leadership, meaning, people will come for a season, some for a long time, some not so long.    The “Release” of HIS Bride is key in this prophetic hour, as God is calling HIS Bride to “step up, step out and step into the fullness of their Call and into the fullness of their God-given Mantle”.  God is shifting the pieces on the chessboard, strategically positioned for HIS call.   for their call.   Pearls is not building a Ministry – we are building HIS Kingdom!

With that, we understand the tribal and regional differences that make New Zealand very unique.  Yes, we are all One in Christ, but we also know each rohe (region) holds their own mana and autonomy.   With that in mind,   we have kept the Pearls Kaupapa simple, so as not to incumber this powerful move of God, and respecting each others differences, whilst coming together in Christ and still holding true to the Pearls Kaupapa (vision)  so that every one of us is valued, and functioning as a whole (Isaiah 61)

“He aha te mea nui o te Ao.  He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata”

“What is the most important thing is the world?  It is people, it is people, it is people”


Pearls Waitara
Louise Kapene-Green

Judy Marshall

Pearls auckland
marlene wipane

Pearls Kaitaia
Joss marshall

Pearls Gisborne
Ps Leighton Packer

Pearls Wanganui
Diana Tuibua-Tamaniyaga

Pearls Opotiki
Ps Zoe Grant

Pearls Palmerston
Janice Stephenson

Pearls Otorohanga
Trina Kohunui

Pearls Wellington
Saran Siapo

Pearls Waikato
Ana Marie Peni

Pearls Stratford
Hilary Kieft

Pearls Taihape
hariata spadotto

Pearls Kawerau
Wynn McClutchie

Pearls Dunedin
Tania Gilbert-Kennedy

Pearls Kaikohe
Kataraina Wihongi

Pearls Morrinsville
Teri Whaiapu

Pearls Whakatane
Mereana Arnold

Pearls Warkworth
Talakimoana hehepoto

Pearls Chathams
Mark & Jo Tuuta

Pearls Sunshine Coast
Ara Adams

Ps dawn Rapper

Pearls Kawakawa
Ps Jan Roberts

Pearls Naumai
Lady Chapman

Pearls Tauranga
Leah Andres

Pearls Paraparaumu
Lovey Kajavala

Pearls Hamilton
Dolly O'Sullivan

Pearls Gold Coast
Angie Phillips

Pearls Samoa
Sale Viali

Pearls Tauranga
leah andres

Pearls Melborne
Roena Takuira