Our Journey captured…

Since our inception back in 2014, Pearls has journeyed across the nation.    Only God could orchestrate such a remarkable movement.

We hope you enjoy reading about who we are and what God has done in our midst.

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Waitangi 2017

February saw Pearls head to the heart of Ngapuhi to join in the Waitangi celebrations.  Our only agenda was to serve and enjoy what God was doing at Waitangi.

There were many many testimonies and miracles that happened over those four days.   The Pearls had a 20m x 10m Kuia Kaumatua (elderly) marquee and the presence of God turned up.

It was special in so many ways:.  

  1. The Kotahitanga flag was flying (first time in 40 years)
  2. The Pearls marquee was erected on the marae side at Te Tii.  This was a first in over 50 years that a Haahi tent of this size had been erected.  And the spot it was erected just so happened to be in the same location as the last Haahi tent 50 years prior.
  3. We joined with the Ngapuhi chiefs and our sister Sharon Thornburn, to light the “The Hope Torch”.  This torch started its journey under a 21 gun salute and would leave our shores and travel around the world prophetically bringing God’s light and hope and love everywhere it went.
  4. One of our sister’s felt the healing and the trauma being released from the land as they prayed over the it.
  5. People would come into the tent and just weep.
  6. We want to acknowledge and thank the team from YWAM who came to stand with us and faithfully serve.    We just so love and appreciate all that YWAM bring to the kingdom.

The presence and the joy of the Lord moved very powerfully and we were so blessed to be apart of it.


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