Our Beginnings

The Pearls vision was birthed in 19th March 2013 at the School of the Supernatural run by Rodney Francis, Len Buttner, John Ferguson and John Wilkie.

Rodney Francis called all the Maori present at this hui, to step forward as he felt God wanting to release and impart a prophetic word. There were 8 Maori present that night, and under the powerful anointing and presence of the Holy Spirit, the prophetic vision, impartation, mandate and release was given to go into the nation.  Isaiah 61.

As these mighty men of God started to prophesy (Len, Rodney, John F & John W) there came a deep wailing from within, as the call of God for the nation was released.

They Prophesied  “that we would move throughout the nation, from marae to marae, to community to community, that signs, miracles and wonders would follow. That God will require us to have “hard feet”, because the ground would be spiritually hard, and that we would need “soft hearts” to love and draw our people. That God would send us to places nationally and internationally, and that God would light fires within people and within communities, and that everywhere we went, God would spark fires of revival and that the fire of the Holy Ghost will increase and increase and spread from our nation to all the nations. That God was raising a mighty army and that the Maori nation would arise and we would awaken the nation for His Visitation. That we would bring what our forefathers wanted to bring, but God had waited for this time to blow HIS SPIRIT upon the land. That this sound was a Maori sound, and that God was calling His Maori people to rise up, rise up.  Prepare ye the way of the Lord…

PACIFIC PEARLS is a Movement of God

“Te Hau Wairua” – The Wind of the Spirit.