The Ministry “Altar” Team

The Ministry “Altar” Team, consists of the National Governance Team,  authorised Regional Co-ordinators and individual members.

We believe in nurturing a kingdom culture of honour, accountability, order and responsibility for those wanting to be involved within any area of the Pearls Movement. It is a National expectation for those wishing to join us.

It is the National Director’s responsibility to authorise and release individual member’s to join the National Ministry Regional Team.  This is done prayerfully and at the National Leadership’s discretion.

Only those authorised can be on the Pearls Ministry Altar with members identified with Pearls Ministry Badges.

To join the Ministry team – you will be required you to:

  1. Meet with the National Director for a one on one discussion.
  2. Receive & understand the Pearl’s Ministry Guidelines.
  3. Be teachable and take correction.
  4. Adhere to the Pearls Kaupapa, Statement of Faith & Kingdom Code of Conduct.
  5. Maintain confidentiality and accountability.

We note that there are many people who have different levels of training and understanding of the Prophetic, and in Altar Ministry.    It is our responsibility to ensure that the Pearls altar is a safe place for those coming forward.  As such, every person ministering on our altar’s will be required the to follow standard Pearls Ministry Guidelines.

We are honored to stand with you as we serve in God’s kingdom together.