We invite you into the Marae of Aotearoa.  To connect for each Marae – please ring the Host – and ask what time the Powhiri is on for the first day (as each powhiri time may dIffer).  

All Hikoi Programmes have a standard programme and are “subject to change as the Holy Spirit leads”.  

You will note on the programmes – some speakers aren’t named – this is because this is not about the Speakers – its about THE HOLY SPIRIT and what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing.  

We say to you  – ask the Holy Spirit – “Lord, do you want me to go to the Hikoi and which Marae do you want me to go to”  and then be led as the Spirit of God leads.  Do not come because its a good idea!  Come because its a God idea, then come expectant.

The below is a standard template for each marae – please ring them direct – to get direct details.

Click here for Marae Contacts and locations.