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We are a non-profit, faith based, organisation and seeking financial support of $185k.  We are travelling from the top of the north to the bottom of the south.  Happy to furnish full breakdown of costs to donors at  request.  Email:  –  Please see our Givealittle Page – Click Here: Givealittle page.

Donations can be by direct credit – ASB: Pacific Pearls  Acc: – 12-3232-0325561-00.     Please note we are not a trust, so offerings do not qualify for IRD rebates.  We are happy to furnish you with a receipt.  Please ask!


Speak to us!   “How can I assist?  Contact the Hikoi Organiser:  Stephanie Harawira  Mobile: 021 129 7448.

Help with Resources?

The following items – WE NEED!  Please pray and consider supporting in the following ways:

  • 1x  logistics camper van for 12weeks  (for lead vehicle and leadership logistics)
  • 1x 50 seater bus with a sponsored bus driver for 12 weeks
  • Helpers – who are welling to serve at marae, in kitchens, cooks, set up, pack up, road marshalls etc
  • Donations of Food / Pigs / Beef / baking / veggies  /  anything that will feed the multitudes  etc
  • T-Shirts – a sponsor to cover the costs of T-Shirts
  • Flags and Banners – a sponsor to cover the cost marketing materials
  • A Video Camerman for 12 weeks – to video capture and produce a documentary of the Hikoi
  • A Social Media person for 12 weeks to capture the Hikoi

“Your food basket and my food basket – the people flourish” 

Together we all have a piece to the puzzle and together we complete the God’s picture for our nation!




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