From the Northern wind we call…

“Hāere mai, hāere mai, hāere mai rā.  Maranga mai Aotearoa.  Ka hāere mai nga Iwi katoa i hanga e Koe, a ka koropiko ki tau aroaro, e Te Ariki, ka whakakororia hoki i tou ingoa”.  

All nations whom thou has made shall come and worship before thee, O Lord and shall glorify Thy Name (Ps 86:9)  Karanga mai, karanga mai, karanga mai o nga hau e wha, karanga mai, karanga mai, karanga mai rā”

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Hikoi Aotearoa

The Kaupapa

The Holy Spirit breathed life and ignited those  words “HIKOI of the LORD”.

The Holy Spirit is calling His Bride “Maranga mai (arise), Rise up my Beloved” It’s Time!  

Yes It’s Time!  The Footprint of faith is deep and wide in this land.  God’s Hikoi is a collective unification of ministries/churches hosted by 40 Marae around NZ.  We are heeding the call of the Holy Spirit to “Arise and Awake the Nation” to invite, to unite, and move through our nation, from City to City, from Marae to Marae.  

We invite You into the Marae of Aotearoa, to stand shoulder to shoulder, brother to brother, sister to sister, stretching His tent pegs over the very foundations of our nation.  This is a karanga to the frontline, a nationwide movement of the saints under ONE NAME – Ihu Karaiti – Jesus Christ.   His NAME unites us beyond church denominations,  beyond ministries, beyond cultures,  gender, hapu, and Iwi. a prophetic assignment moving as “One Waka, One Nation, One People”.   

Its time!  The footprint of faith is deep and wide in this land, and God’s fingerprint is on our nation for such a time as this.  From Te Rerenga Wairua (Cape Reinga) and moving down from the North. That’s 40 Marae over 12 weeks, and every 3rd day we rise and move to the next Marae and so on.

You are welcome to join God’s Hikoi at any location near you.

On Waitangi Day 6th Feb at 12pm, we will travel to Oihi Bay where the first Gospel sermon was preached to pray, worship and Dedicate the Hikoi to the Lord.  On Thurs the 7th Feb at 10am, we will leave Waitangi, drive to Cape Reinga for the official 2pm launch to Dedicate God’s Hikoi to the Nation, to sound the trumpets “to assemble the people”  to release the Nations’ sound from the North, and to Powhiri the King of Glory and begin the God’s Hikoi.

From there we will move from Marae to Marae, sweeping down from the North, to the East Coast, to the West Coast, to the South Island and finishing at the Chatham Islands around the 3rd week of April 2019.  Remember:  “40 Marae, over 12 weeks, every 3rd day we rise”


Together we all have a piece to the puzzle and together we complete the God’s picture for our nation!


Dates and Locations

Click here for Dates and Locations.    Do check frequently as there are always movements – so it does pay to just  ring 021 129 7448  or email    or check our facebook

What to Bring

Shofar, conch, putatara, pukaea, national flags, flags of worship, guitars. A Korowar to wear for each Marae powhiri (only if you have one – don’t panic if You don’t have one).  Koha:  A love offering/donation of food/baking/meat/veges etc is all welcome.  

P.S  Please come to bless  “Your food basket, my food basket, his food basket, we all flourish”.  

Staying Overnight at Marae:   Sleeping bag, pillow, toileteries.

Cost and Planning

We encourage you to be joyfully generous to our marae as they host.  We are all non-profit voluntareers and it requires alot of hands and hard work to host. Your  financial support is welcomed.   

Join the Hikoi – We have a 45 seater bus – visiting 40 Marae over 12 weeks.   To Secure your seat – REGISTER NOW!  Seats are limited.    Bus Costs – $200 Nth Island (stops at 30 Marae) and $200 South Island (11 Marae) – for short bus travel in-between per Marae $40.  Accommodation Costs per Marae $50.   ALL welcome! 

Please Click Here for Planning Costs & Logistics

If you are unfamiliar with Maori powhiri protocols don’t panic – click here for Tikanga basics.   Be empowered, so you can be comfortable in that Maori space, as we share that space together.  

What is Expected

Once you have been formally welcomed in a Powhiri process – you are considered one with us.   Enjoy the hum of the movement – feel the heartbeat of the Marae, connect and just be.   As you move about the Marae,  you will be required to pick up after yourself, do the dishes, sweep tables, sweep floors, clean toilets.  

Every whare (house) has chores and everyone is expected to pitch in.  Be a blessing, come to give and it will be given unto you.

Please do not wait to be asked – now that you knowjust do!    “Your food basket, my food basket, the people flourish”

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