It was in Elthim 2012 the first time I heard the Holy Spirit say to me “The prophets have just kicked started your ministry” as three mighty men of God helped push start my mother’s car as we left a week long retreat at the School of the Supernatural, hosted by St Johns Presbyertian Church. I didn’t quite know what that meant – but I received it all the same!

Its now 2018 – six (6) years later, I find myself back at Elthim at Pacific Pearls Stratford hosted by Hillary Kieft (a mighty warrior and a voice to the voiceless) soaking in the presence of God and watching the Holy Spirit touch people, minister into the depths of their beings and seeing people being set free – every one valuable and functioning as a whole.  God does over and beyond all we can think or imagine.

Elthim means “The Fingerprint of God”. This is a prophetic portrait of all the fingerprints of all those who attended. Such a prophetic time for Pearls – as we enter into the next leg of our ministry with our new Tohu – “THE FINGERPRINT OF GOD – on Aotearoa – the Land of the Long White Cloud”.

“Heaven touching Earth” in essence “ONE WAKA – ONE NATION”.  We are in the season where the Lord is bringing the “Davids” out from the fields, they are the ones who know how to worship in Spirit and in Truth, those with no agenda’s just a God agenda. Those who know how to Love HIM and to Love each other, those not interested in titles, not interested in position. The David’s who carry the Heart of the Father!

The Holy Spirit is coming in a greater measure and we are now “preparing the way for the King of Glory to come in”….We will head to Waitangi 2019 – gather at Oihi Bay where the first sermon was preached on our shores and Dedicate the Hikoi – to the Lord and prophetically Powhiri the King of Glory to the shores of Waitangi and then head into a 12 week Hikoi down from the North – throughout the Land of the Long White Cloud.  From the Cape to the Bluff to the Chathams!   IT’S TIME! “ONE WAKA – ONE NATION” as “WE UNITE – HE IGNITES” – To God be all the Glory!  No other name to be lifted up but HIS “IHU KARITI” – Jesus Christ – Songs 6:3