Pre-Planning is vital to the journey on God’s Hikoi.  Be led.  Pray and ask the Wairua Tapu (Holy Spirit) “where, when and how, do you want me to connect”.  Intuitively you will know – if you are being called to the whole Hikoi – or part there of.   The below costings will help you in your planning.  Please do not rush off and start spending and booking flights/boats etc until you first talk with the Hikoi Organiser,  Stephanie Harawira  021 129 7448 as dates and venues are still shifting and confirming.   We do not take responsibility for those who rush ahead.  

Be wise – RING and CHECK FIRST!   Thank You!

Marae Costs

  1. Day or Night Visit:  Love offering / Koha (we encourage you to be generous, our marae are non-profit volunteers and need your financial support)
  2. Overnight Marae Stay:    $50 per Marae given to the Organiser of the Marae.  Please pay at each Marae as you go, and its always best to register with the host marae you are staying with.  Please ring them and organise your payments with them direct. 
  3. Powhiri Koha:    The koha taken at the Marae gate is a seperate offering from your Day Visit Love offering or  paying for your Overnight stay.   I have been asked what Koha at the gate is acceptable.  $20.00+ is an honouring powhiri Koha.  However, a koha is given from the heart – so give as unto the Lord.
  4. If you are unfamiliar with Marae protocols – Relax, we want you to enjoy the journey – click here for Tikanga Basics.
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Travel Costs

  1. Car:   The Hikoi will travel with a line of cars through the nation.  You will need gas money!  Plan Smart – Invite your friends and share the travel cost.  Think about who’s car is the cheapest to fill, and work out what parts you will travel with us.
  2. Bus:   We have a 45 seater bus. All Welcome! Those wanting to do the full Nth & South Island trip are welcome to register your seat.  The cost for the bus –  $200 Nth & $ 200 Sth Islands – for short bus travel in-between Marae $40.  These costs pay for the driver, his accomodation/food,  petrol and the Bus InterIslander. Note:  Register 021 129 7448
  3. Medical:   If travelling – please think & plan all your medications, good shoes, hats, sunblock,  travel pillow etc.  We ask you to advise us if you have medical needs, so that we are aware of all needs i.e. diabetic, heart etc.  Please note:  that you are responsible for your health safety, but we too, share in that concern.  Be wise, let us know!


Laundromat Stops & Excursions 

With 12 weeks on the road, we have planned various locations for Laundromat stops every 12-15 days.  You are responsible for your own laundry and costs.  These costs vary at different locations – but washing costs are approx $8 per 20kg  and dryer costs $5-6 per 20-30kg per 25mins.

Washing and drying clothes can take hours, so we plan to take our time and  enjoy the ride and location.  Listed below are laundry stops and free excursions that our country has on offer.    But please note –  these stops are “subject to change” as the Wairua Tapu leads, and as time and travel permits.    So please do not hold us and lock us down with “must do’s” – you need to be very flexible for this Hikoi. 

Whangarei:   Tues 19th Feb 2019.  Arrive approx 11.30am – Tikipuna Laundromat, 177 Kiripaka Road, Whangarei.  Shop Contact 021-028-21616.   Whilst our laundry is being done –  12.30pm – 3.00pm –  We will take the Hikoi to Picnic, relax, prayer, worship at Whangarei Falls – 6 Ngunguru Rd. 3.30pm  – pick up laundry and head to Pehiaweri for 4.00pm Powhiri.

Hamilton: Fri 1st March – Arrive approx 10.30am – Kleenex Laundromat,  126 Kahikatea Drive, Melville, Hamilton.  Shop Contact: 07-949-9041.    11.30am – 1.30pm.  The Hikoi will head to Hamilton Gardens to R&R and enjoy the beauty of the gardens.  2.00pm – 3.30pm we will meet and head to Hamilton Lake – on Rotoroa Drive for light lunch and fellowship (buy your own). 3.30pm- Hamilton Marae for 4pm powhiri.    

Opotiki – Fri 15th March  – Arrive approx 11.00am Opotiki Laundromat, 95 Waioeka Rd, Opotiki.  Shop Contact 07-315-3031.  12.00pm – 1.30pm The Hikoi will head to Hukutai Domain, at 501 Woodlands Rd, Opotiki.  Connecting to the whenua (land) in our native reserves.  2.00pm pick up laundry and enjoy a shared lunch on the beach (everyone pitch in) – till 3.30pm.  4,00pm Powhiri Omarumuru Marae.  

Hastings – Sat 23rd March – Arrive 1.30pm.  Flaxmere Liquid Self Service, 1/12 Swansea Road, Flaxmere, Hastings.Shop Contact: 06-281-2027.

Wanganui – Tuesday 2nd April – Arrive approx 11.30am Spooners Laundromat, 1/250 Victoria Ave, Wanganui. From 12.00pm – 3.30pm -Picnic at Winter Gardens – (shared lunch -everyone pitch in) 4.00pm Powhiri at Te Ao Hau Marae.

HOKITIKA – Friday 12th April  – Arrive approx 2.30pm Hokitika  Laundromat, 25 Stafford Street.   Timing permits – we will have short 25km trip to the Hokitika Gorge, Kowhitirangi Road, and find a spot for lunch (buy your own).  As we head toward Foxton Glacier, we will stop to enjoy that lofty mountain Mt Aoraki (Cook).

CHRISTCHURCH  – Saturday 20th April – Arrive approx 2.30pm   Last Laundromat stop for the Hikoi – location yet to be confirmed.

InterIslander Costs

  1. Car:  You will need gas money!  Plan smart – Invite your friends and share travel costs.  
  2. Car Ferry:  With car – depending on number of occupants and type of vehicle, the costs vary – $200 – $350 one way.   A motorhome approx cost $400-500 one way.    Pre-Bookings are essential and you would need to arrive 1 hour earlier before departure. Click here for more info.
  3. No Car –  Approx – Adult: $56 one way  Senior: $53-$55 one way.  
  4. Group Bookings – it is cheaper doing a group booking – please register your interest with the Hikoi Organiser – 021 129 7448
  5.  InterIslander enquiries:  Ph: 0800-802-802.   Website click here:  InterIslander

Crossing from the South Island to the Chatham Islands

Chatham Island is the final destination for The Hikoi of the Lord with our final point  is Pitt Island which is the most furtherest most ends of the East you can go to.

We travel to Chathams Tues 23rd April 2019.

  • Kopinga Marae  –  Tues 23rd – Thurs 25th April 2019
  • Whakaharatanga Marae  Thurs 25th – Sat 27th April 2019
  • Rest Stop – Sat 27th – Thurs 2nd May 2019. (as we wait for flights – flight paths are limited)


Airfare Cost:   $898 return – ($439 one way) – that is a group booking rate. 

Accomodation Cost: $350 (excl food)

Total Cost Travel & Accom $1248

Note: Extra costs – Van Hire, food & Boast to Pitt Island  TBC once numbers confirmed –  Everyone welcome!


Depart 3C541 – Tuesday 23rd April – 1.00pm – Arrive Chathams 3.45pm.

PLEASE CHOOSE which return flight path would suit you – as we all live in different areas.  

  • Chathams to Christchurch:   Depart 3C514 Tuesday 30th April – 10.00am – Arrive Christchurch 11.45am 
  • Chathams to Auckland:   Depart 3C519 – Thursday 2nd May – 9.30am – Arrive Auckland 11.45am.
  • Chathams to Wellington:  Depart 3C512 – Monday 29th April – 10.15am – Arrive Auckland 11.45am

Things to know for Chathams:

  1. Flights to Chathams leave from Christchurch with air carrier PlaneBiz.  The check in counter is located on the far right on the lower level of the Christchurch air terminal.  Look for the Air Chathams logo.
  2. Flights out of Christchurch on Tuesdays only.
  3. Our Flight will be Tuesday 23rd April on 3C541 –  Departs 1.00pm arrive Chathams 3.45pm.
  4. We must be checked in 45minutes prior to departure – we expect to be at airport by 11.45am, so that we are not rushed.
  5. Baggage is 23kg per person – hand baggage 7kg
  6. Time difference:  There is a 45min time difference between mainland NZ and the Chatham Islands.
  7. Air Chatham has a group travel rate of 8 passengers or more. 

We will not take responsibility for those who rush ahead.  Remember – the Hikoi is Subject is change and we ask you check with us first before spending and making bookings.