It’s exciting watching what God is doing in our Nation.   We couldn’t orchestrate this if we tried.    The Holy Spirit is moving and we are simply bowing our knee, and listening to what the Spirit of God is saying in this prophetic hour.  Obedience is better than sacrifice and to God be all the Glory!

If you want to experience the Father’s heart and and need a fresh touch, we invite you to join us.  Our meetings are open to men and women.  

Please understand that whilst Pearls is hosted by Maori, and by Women, we are certainly NOT exclusive to Maori,  NOR are we exclusive to Women (as that would not be Maori).  Our waka embraces all peoples, of all races, all men, women and child – we are all one in Christ.  

To get all the latest updates please connect to us on either Facebook, You Tube, or Email.  Everyone welcome!

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